Voices for a living planet

Voices for a living planet’ brings together a wide variety of voices of thinkers and practitioners from around the world to share their unique views on how, as a global community, we could build a resilient and healthy planet for people and nature in a post COVID-19 world.

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What can you do?

The way we live and the food we eat is driving destruction at a rate faster than nature can recover. Everyone can do something to help.

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Reversing nature loss

Reversing nature loss

Pioneering new modelling shows that without further efforts to counteract habitat loss and degradation, global biodiversity will continue to decline.

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What you can do

Humanity's increasing destruction of nature is having catastrophic impacts not only on wildlife populations but also on human health and all aspects of our lives. Do something about it.

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Nature based solutions

Food security

Thousands of species of plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms are used for food. A vast range of others are essential to food production – ranging from pollinators that enable crop reproduction to microorganisms that enrich soils.

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