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Reversing nature loss

Pioneering new modelling shows that without further efforts to counteract habitat loss and degradation, global biodiversity will continue to decline.

Can biodiversity loss be reversed?

Cutting-edge modelling shows that the world could start to stabilize and reverse the loss of nature.

This Bending the Curve initiative shows how this could be achieved by embracing bolder, more ambitious conservation efforts as well as making transformational changes in the way we produce and consume food, such as making food production and trade more efficient, reducing waste, and favouring healthier and more sustainable diets.

But, none of these actions, alone, will be enough.

Using the tool below can you find the combination of actions that together will bend the curve of nature loss?

That's doing something... but it's not going to be enough on it's own!
Current trajectory Business as usual 1970 2010 2100
  • 1.More conservation efforts
  • 2.More sustainable production
  • 3.More sustainable consumption

This artwork illustrates the main findings of the bending the curve scientific article, but it does not intend to accurately represent its results

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What can you do?

These models are all telling us the same thing: that we still have an opportunity to flatten, and reverse, the loss of nature. We need world leaders to act now to set nature on the path to recovery by the end of the decade. A New Deal has never been needed more.

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